"Release" the club late, just like you would a frisbee

In my lessons, I like to create mental images for my students. It's great to be able to find pictures or other physical movements that relate to a golf swing.

One that I particularly like is throwing a frisbee. Bringing that movement to your golf swing can help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently.

To toss a frisbee, you lean on your foreward foot, lead with your arm and release the frisbee in front of your body with a quick wrist flick. This is similar to a golf swing.

A good golf swing should also have a late "release." What I mean by that is the wrist flick should come after you make contact with the ball and in front of your body.

"Releasing" the golf club late, the same as releasing the frisbee late, is what causes consistently solid, long golf shots.

Too many players "release" the club too early.

I like thinking of mental images to help students see what a good golf swing should look like. Throwing a frisbee is a good one, because it can helps fix one of the more common mistakes people make, not "releasing" the club late.

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