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Third-party throwaway

To the Editor:

For the people who did not vote or voted third party, you do know and accept what you have done, apparently.

Granted, you were given two choices and did not like either one, and know the third party did not have a prayer of winning. So by not voting/voting third party, you are fine with the current administration and allowed them to have a second term. You have no reason to complain at all with this administration and what it does then when you gave up your chance to change it.

Some third-party voters believe that we, America, will survive a second term and there will be better choices in four years. With that, may I remind you who gave you your GOP candidate – the media. The media has a very strong influence on people who rely on and believe in them for their source of news/choices instead of doing the legwork themselves.

On a final note, to the many women voters who sold their votes for 30 pills a month for their habits: What you did was to set women back for what they have been trying to accomplish for more than 50 years. Good job (sarcastically speaking).

Americans have morphed into a society of “what can I get for free” instead of give me an opportunity to succeed in life. “The American Dream.” So sad.

James M. Korjenek

Wonder Lake


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