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Another taxing body

To the Editor:

Thank you for informing the readership on the referendum about a proposed 377 board. Much more needs to be said about this rotten attempt to create another taxing body.

I am not surprised, but outraged that any referendum would be placed on an off-year ballot. The County Board knows that the voter turnout will be between 10 percent and 15 percent. They are attempting to ramrod a new tax through. I feel sorry for the disabled, but my tax dollars should not be used to support the needs of any special interest. That is the obligation of family, friends, church and state agencies.

If money is owed by the state to organizations that support the disabled, those organizations should sue the state for payment. Those organizations should not expect the public to become their financial support.

Our tax burden is much too heavy today. Taxes need to be reduced, not increased. I am 67 years old. I have no pension. I have to provide for myself and my family. We live in a democracy, not a socialist state. Unfortunately, most taxers and spenders are attempting to turn our country into just that. We seniors are being crushed by inflation and increasing taxes. The action by the County Board in this matter stinks, and it is wrong.

Put a referendum on the ballot to exempt seniors from paying real estate taxes on their primary home at age 65. Put a referendum on the ballot to repeal PTELL. Put a referendum on the ballot to freeze all school districts budgets at the year 2010 levels.

Ron Edwards



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