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Rewarding irresponsibility

To the Editor:

So much ignored. Self respect relinquished. Principles forsakened. President Barack Obama, his administration and the Democratic Party won. But, did we?

Obama told the world, “We are not a Christian nation.” His party attempted to remove the word “God” from their convention platform. After consulting with his wife and daughters, this president now supports same sex marriage. He supports Planned Parenthood, abortions, including partial birth abortions, which provide a quick fix for irresponsible behavior. His Affordable Care Act is unaffordable, unmanageable and already is hurting our economy. 

He didn’t reduce unemployment or our national debt or provide comprehensive immigration reform as promised.

He encouraged his followers to vote for revenge. This president and the first lady believe they are victims living in a country that needs to be fundamentally changed.

Michelle Obama said in her whole adult life she hadn’t been proud of her country until she felt the possibility of occupying the White House.

Mitt Romney was telling the truth. There are many who think they’re victims. Obama’s strategy was that they would believe the false ads about Romney’s character, settle for free stuff and appeasing rhetoric. And many did. Yet, no student was forced to apply for a student loan at a school they couldn’t afford. No homeowner was forced to take out a mortgage they couldn’t afford. No consenting couples were forced to have sex outside of marriage. Gays think their behavior is wonderful. God has a different view.

Bad decisions and unacceptable behaviors are simply that. And to reward these actions is destructive to our children’s development and is insulting to every self-respecting, responsible person.

Jim Doll



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