Pink fire truck

To the Editor:

Have you ever seen a pink fire truck with three firemen dressed all in pink? I have. They visited my home last week, informed me, cheered me up, and convinced me that I was loved and backed by friends, family and strangers such as themselves.

We all have heroes. My new ones are Steve Rusin (a firefighter who purchased and painted the fire truck with his own money); Joel Mains (a firefighter who thinks he gets more out of the visit than the people they are visiting); and Bobby Olewincyzski (a firefighter who has an answer to every question and makes you realize how many people care).

There are 50 pink fire trucks in the United States. Ours is named Jessica. If Jessica and her three firefighters were trying to strengthen my resolve and cheer me up, they could not have done a better job.

Thank you so much, guys.

Ann Jarvis

Crystal Lake

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