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Campaign of demonization

To the Editor:

The election has been over for three weeks, and Democrats (nationally and locally) still are engaged in their campaign of demonization and biased political hatred against Mitt Romney and Republicans in general, including Northwest Herald letter writers and commentators. They won. Why are liberals so angry?

For example, a liberal woman commentator calls letter writers with whom she disagrees names like “nut case,” “semi-demented,” and attacks one regular letter writer as having “caretakers [who] have given him access to the crayon box again, to print out yet more of his poorly conceived dribble,” and calls others “white trash.”

Then there is one guy who constantly refers to Republican letter writers and commentators here as “GOPdrones,” “trashy” and “sore losers.” Specifically attacking all Republicans as “an embarrassment, all you sick and stupid GOPdrones.”

There is another guy who gets up early every day to attack Romney and all Republicans (“greed over people” party), and refuses to shift out of “attack mode.”

There is a college professor that bitterly attacks “Boomers” and seniors. He called one “a failed old patriarch basking in the perceived social affirmative action of old white man America.”

This is what passes for civility among people who think the term “magnanimous in victory” is Latin for “attack and insult.” This is the strategy taught to the left by Comrade Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules for Radicals.”

Why does the Northwest Herald allow them to continue to post such comments? Are they trying to foment a civil war?

James C. Zoes


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