Commissioner say he'll take stand at tax trial

CHICAGO – A Cook County commissioner has vowed to testify at his federal tax-evasion trial.

William Beavers spoke to reporters Monday after appearing in federal court for the first day of jury selection.

The 77-year-old Chicago Democrat says there's "no question" he'll testify to deny charges he took money from his campaign coffers and didn't declare it.

Last week, presiding Judge James Zagel ruled the defense could argue Beavers put the cash back and amended his returns after he found out he was under investigation.

But Zagel said only Beavers could make that argument by speaking to jurors directly.

Proceedings were delayed Monday after one of Beavers' attorneys fell ill. Jurors started filling out questionnaires Monday. One-on-one questing of prospective jurors was put off until Tuesday at the earliest.

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