We all lost

To the Editor:

I read the opinion of Jim Doll of Huntley the other day (It’s Your Write, Nov. 30), and I don’t think there ever has been a more accurate depiction of what has happened in this year’s presidential election. Doll is right on the money with his comments.

What a shame that the moral principle of our country is on such a decline! The country is dumbing down at a rapid pace, and I fear what it will be like in the not-too-distant future.

Our 236-year-old country is self-destructing at a much quicker pace than the Roman empire did. The misguided and uneducated voters have put our president in for a second term, despite the fact he did nothing positive. He didn’t deserve another try.

Mitt Romney lost the election, but in reality, we all lost!

John Pociask


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