Positioning the back foot for a more consistent, powerful shot

Footwork and balance is very important if you're trying to hit the golf ball more consistently and with more power.

And who isn't trying to do that?

The position of the back foot is very important for footwork and balance.

The best way to check the position of your back foot is to place a club on the ground that is parallel to the line of your shot. With the club on the ground, place your back foot perpendicular to the club. Your front foot should be a little more open, pointing slightly towards where you want the shot to go.

When you begin your backswing, if your back foot is aligned properly, it should create some tension. It should feel like your screwing your backfoot into the ground. 

The tension in your back foot should create the proper base to push off with great force.

Too many people that I see open their back foot. This doesn't give them the proper base; their hips open up too much and don't hit the ball consistently.

If you have your back foot perpendicular to the target line and your weight on the inside of the foot, you'll hit the ball with more power and consistency.

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