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My own stuff

To the Editor:

On Election Night, when I saw Bill O’Reilly say that President Barack Obama’s supporters were voting for him because he would give them “stuff,” I thought it was a ridiculous thing to say. I thought that no one could take such a statement seriously when it clearly was being pulled out of O’Reilly’s rear end. Silly me.

To clarify, I voted for the president for several reasons: Unlike Mitt Romney, he isn’t going to raise my taxes while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest. (I’m in the bottom 20 percent.) I have no problem with same-sex couples being married, and the president is more likely to support green energy technology than was his Republican opponent.

While I have mixed feelings on Obamacare, it will lower the abortion rate by helping low-income women pay for efficient birth control. We all want fewer abortions, don’t we? He handled the killing of bin Laden brilliantly and the economy is recovering. Yes, it is a slow recovery, but the president’s plan to tax the wealthy has even been endorsed by Republican economists like Ben Stein. I know that someone will say that Stein is a Hollywood liberal, but he worked for both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

Please notice that at no time did I mention anything about Obama getting “stuff” for me. I have a job. I can get my own “stuff.”

Dave Sippel

Crystal Lake


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