Ramp up your activity during the holidays

We all tend to cheat during the holidays – it’s a tough time of year in terms of temptations.  

One way to counteract those extra calories we might be consuming from holiday treats is to increase your activity.  Organize activities with family and friends to help you stay active.

Enjoy some holiday activities to counteract those less than perfect nutrition moments.

According to NutriStrategy, these calories burned per hour are based on someone weighing 155 pounds.

Ice skating – 493 calories

Shoveling – 422 calories

Snow blowing – 246 calories

Sledding – 493 calories

Aerobic exercise videos, low to high impact – 352-493 calories

Cross country skiing, slow to moderate pace – 493-563 calories

Downhill skiing, light to moderate pace – 352-422 calories

Snow shoeing – 543 calories

Snowmobiling – 246 calories

Walking at a moderate pace around the mall – 232 calories

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