A drill to help you get rid of your hook

I see a few students who tend to hook the ball a lot.

If you do this, it means the toe of the club is moving way faster than the heal. This causes the ball to fly low and to the left (if you're a right-handed player).

For players who have a problem with this, try this drill to help you slow down the toe of the club. If you're a right-handed player, grab the club a little bit lower than you normally would with your left hand. Then cover your left hand with your right hand.

The fingers should be overlapping, making a two-handed grip. With this grip, you can't control the toe of the club with the right hand and you have to keep your left arm swinging to maintain control.

It takes really strong hands to do this drill. But if hitting low hooks is a problem for you, you probably have really strong hands.

This drill may feel strange at first, but over time you'll feel what a good golf shot should feel like. Before you know it, you'll stop hitting those low shots to the left.

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