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Ban assault rifles

To the Editor:

We try to rationalize and make sense out of the senseless. This was not evil at work. This was just another example of a flawed human being whose wiring malfunctioned. The poor mother was the unwitting accomplice, by making an assault weapon accessible to her flawed son.

I have not been a gun-control advocate until this moment. An assault rifle was the murder weapon. It makes one wonder that if these things were banned, would the attempt have been made at all?  

In last Saturday’s newspaper, there was a small story that reported that 22 kids were injured in a Chinese school when a man malfunctioned and attacked the kids with a knife! Why did one story get plastered all over the front page and beyond, while the other one barely gets a mention? What’s the difference between these two stories? Deaths.

While horrifying, those Chinese victims will recover nonetheless. Put a machine gun in that Chinese guy’s hand and we have a major international incident, and front-page news. On the solemn flip-side, put a knife in that Connecticut kid’s hand and maybe we don’t ruin the lives of hundreds of family members of the victims, and countless trauma-related maladies from all the innocent witnesses of this horrendous event.

It’s time to ban assault rifles. It’s not the be-all and end-all to a difficult issue, but it is a serious start. We need to get busy as a society, and make this a high priority.

Ron Thompson



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