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Apparently it's Make Fools of Yourselves Friday

As I write this, people on both sides of the gun control debate made major-league fools of themselves today, and it's not even mid-afternoon yet.

NRA-GADS! – I'm loath to even dignify the Friday news conference by the National Rifle Association with a response, and as a gun owner that's saying something. But a few come to mind:

• Mark Twain once wrote that it's better to keep your mouth shut and be considered a fool than to open your mouth and erase all doubt. Smart guy, Mr. Twain was.

• When I clean my guns, I keep the garage door open so that fumes from the solvents don't build up and impair my judgment or damage my brain. The NRA folks who thought Friday's news conference was a good idea might want to start trying that.

• If we have to put armed security guards in public schools, we've lost. Time to pack up civilization and try again next time.
Hollywood celebrities who pump out our 24-7 culture of gratuitous violence that children and the mentally disturbed can access with the click of a button made a video opposing gun violence. No, I am not making this up.

Again, I'll take a crack at some random thoughts:

• I hope this public service announcement wasn't filmed at the red-carpet openings of violence-laden "Django Unchained", "Jack Reacher" ...

• Anyone who says that Hollywood and the video game industry have nothing to do with all these mass shootings is a liar, a halfwit, or very likely both.

• If your career involves memorizing lines and then saying them convincingly at the right time and place, that makes you an expert on memorization and recitation. Nothing more.

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