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What is sacred

To the Editor:

Our Constitution and Preamble are sacred. “Establish justice,” a quality of being just, a principle of right action, of being righteous in thoughts and actions toward the common welfare.

We tend to view justice only in legal terms. Justice is all of that, but our Founding Fathers meant it to be more than our daily living – a sacred principle by which we think and act toward our fellow humans.

Our Constitution is this sacred principle. Many of the founders were spiritual and Christians. It is their faith that built our Constitution, focusing on justice for their fellow humans. I believe we no longer believe in this sacredness as a nation; we only believe in individual laws, consumerism, isolation, what is in it for me, what I stand to lose.

Our spiritual compass is lost by most of us. Our common purpose only arises when there is a tragedy, and then it quickly dissipates back into our ego, defining our own rights, going after our own needs and wants.

My hope is the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Conn., will return us to an understanding of the sacredness possessed in our Preamble, which serves as a mission statement for our country. That we will once again think, feel, dialogue about what is sacred to and for the common good, rather than our own individual rights and individual protection. God bless the United States.

Richard Rill

Crystal Lake


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