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Beyond misinformation

To the Editor:

We have become a nation of sheep, and possibly our shepherds are sheep in disguise. This fiscal cliff and recent election are about the rich being asked to pay their fair share. What is a fair share? Who decides that? The news media, politicians or others?

IRS records show the top 1 percent income earners pay 36 percent of the income tax collected. The top 25 percent contributed 87 percent. If the bottom quarter paid zero, that means the middle 50 percent paid 13 percent.

A “leak” at a Mitt Romney fundraiser caused his ratings to plummet and contributed to his loss. He didn’t deny his statement, but he didn’t attempt to defend himself with facts and figures. Speaker John Boehner hasn’t openly argued this point with the president either.

Over the past 30 years, America has transformed from the leading industrial nation to a nation of service. Business owners are in business to make a profit. They help, build and support communities with jobs and their money. Without profit, there is no reason to experience the risks.

The government, including the president, doesn’t create jobs (except those paid for by the taxpayers). Private industry creates jobs. Like it or not, top income earners drive private industry. Reduce the incentive to be in business, you reduce the reasons to invest in American jobs. Of course, if you increase entitlements, you reduce the reasons to have a job.

Wake up, Americans. Look beyond the misinformation we are being fed by the media.

Ed Riess



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