By The Associated Press

For Albion worker, conquering snowstorm a must

ALBION, Ill. (AP) — Renee Galen might deserve an award for dedication simply for making it into work after her tiny southeastern Illinois town was pummeled by snow.

The deputy collector in 1,900-resident Albion flagged down a snowplow to make it to City Hall after her SUV was left stuck by a storm. The National Weather Service says more than 18 inches of snow was dumped on Albion on Wednesday.

Galen didn't have much of a choice about getting to the office. Wednesday is the last day to file for next spring's elections in Albion, and Galen soon found herself to be the only one at City Hall.

The weather service says the 18-plus inches of snow in Albion were the most reported after the storm socked the region.

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