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Redistribution bandwagon

To the Editor:

There’s no argument that the majority of Americans want the redistribution of wealth for our society as proven by polls and how they voted.

OK, I’ll jump on the bandwagon also. I say, let’s take it to the next level, our school system.

Teachers are held back and blamed for teaching, when actually they are merely following the board of education’s curriculum on what and how to teach.

My solution since I’m on the redistribution bandwagon is to give all students the same grade, a “C.“ It will not matter what their test scores, homework or learning abilities are. This, in turn, will make it easier on teachers and put a feather in the board’s cap.

Oops, guess I didn’t think this through, huh? If all the students are given the same grade, then the students who are smarter or the ones who actually try will give up. When it comes time in their life to get a job, what would they be qualified to do?’’

We on the bandwagon need these students to succeed in school in order for them to get good-paying jobs to support our cause.

Now what if we do nothing with the schools and in time these students see what’s in store for them by succeeding in life? Being penalized/taxed to death for their success and just give up anyway?

Our bandwagon sinks.

James M. Korjenek

Wonder Lake


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