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Usual rhetoric

To the Editor:

After the horrendous murders of so many by gunfire, the anti-gun lobby jumped on the opportunity to advance their agenda. Even before the parents of the slaughtered innocents were notified about their children’s fates, they were out in force, protesting in Washington, D.C., and other cities. Only a bit of the evidence has been released from the police, but they, like some politicians, blame the existence of guns for the crime.

As always, what this actually comes down to is that they just don’t like guns and, therefore, no one should own one. If they had one ounce of courage, they would publicly advocate what they want and that’s to eliminate the Second Amendment and confiscate all privately owned guns. It’s really the only way to stop gun violence, so why aren’t they honest and just say so? After all, guns are the real culprit here, right? It would be a refreshing change from their usual rhetoric.

So, which one of the anti-gun advocates out there will be the first to say it publicly? When work was slow, my boss used to say, “Let’s do something even if it’s wrong.”

I think that we can all agree that something must be done to stop the bloodshed and that we are all sickened by recent events, but to blame the guns and the NRA, then use this as a springboard for a political goal is repugnant and ineffective.

Mark Rehorst



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