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Problem with Democrats

To the Editor:

When Democrats talk about “working families,” they mean union workers. When they talk about “revenue,” they are referring to taxes. They have little use for any human endeavor that might make someone “rich.” They don’t care that when regulations go up, prices go up, and employment goes down. They don’t get that when the “minimum wage” is increased, it creates a shortage of entry-level jobs. 

They couldn’t care less about our national language being English or that our borders are unsecured. They never have learned to use the military properly, and constantly try to reduce defense budgets. They view the Constitution as an archaic document that only applied to this country long ago. 

Private property is now a passé notion – ask any environmentalist. They believe that there are too many rich people. Anyone who invests in stocks and bonds and pays a dividend tax has gamed the system. They don’t care that people now come to this country for benefits instead of freedoms. They truly think that the war on poverty should go on forever. 

They have never paid attention to a cost-benefit analysis. They are the redistributionists of wealth, and they fancy themselves smarter than anyone else. They also fancy themselves fairer, more tolerant, and more humane.

They demand fairness, a level playing field, and equal results (not equal opportunity). But above all, they want George Bush to admit his mistakes and take the blame for every economic downturn we may experience in the future.

Rick Justen

Wonder Lake


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