McHenry Public Library hosts flea circus

Children gathered to get an up close up look at an attraction that started in the 1800's.

Professor Marvel's Flea Circus visited McHenry Public Library Friday afternoon. The show started off with a few tricks to loosen up the crowd. Marvel wowed the audience after he showed a can of soda, he had previously opened and poured into a glass, reseal, refill, and recarbinate itself. 

The crowd finished their applause and it was time for the fleas to make their "appearance." 

Every time Marvel introduced a new flea he asked a new member of the audience if they could see the flea. Only after urging them to say "yes" would Marvel continue the attraction. 

Some of the fleas talents included, feats of strength, tightrope walking and mind reading. The grand finalle was a flea that would be shot out of a cannon at a speed of 90 mph, according to Marvel. He even asked a willing audience prticipant if they would catch the flea in a baseball glove to insure it's safety after the stunt.