Lottery winner's family welcomes exhumation

CHICAGO (AP) — The sister of a Chicago lottery winner who was fatally poisoned with cyanide just as he was about to collect his $425,000 says she hoped her brother would rest in peace but understands a decision to exhume his body.

Urooj (oo-ROOJ') Khan's sister spoke Friday outside a Cook County courtroom after a judge granted permission for the exhumation.

Marez Khan says the idea that her brother's body would be unearthed was difficult but it appears to be the only way to confirm what happened. She says, "We have to have justice served."

An attorney for the lottery winners' wife says she also doesn't oppose the exhumation.

But Al-Haroon Husain says the wife wants to ensure certain Islamic religious practices are adhered to during the procedure. He didn't elaborate.