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Gun cult

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

For a week after the horror of Sandy Hook, the cowardly gun cult remained silent. Its spin masters would have us believe it was in respect for those killed. The truth is that it had pulled out one of its tentacles, put it up in the air to check the wind direction, and discovered that the public was fed up with guns. How should it address this monumental problem?

A frantic week later, this is all it could come up with: Guns didn’t kill children at Sandy Hook. Because of a lack of armed guards and mental health money, because of violent video games and movies, a bad guy did. Besides, God is punishing us for eliminating prayer in schools, for abortion, for gay marriage and because we elected Barack Obama as president.

If this cynical, straight-faced denial of the reality that there are too many easily obtainable high-capacity magazine, rapid-fire guns in our country isn’t pathetic enough, writers to this page have delusively asserted that guns are the last firewall separating a free people from a tyrannical government.

Are we to believe that the ultimate protector of our freedoms is a bandoleered extremist in boots and camos, armed with a copy of the Constitution, the Bible and an AK-47, rampaging through our neighborhoods, a freelance Dr. Mengele, taking out those whom he perceives as bad guys?

Who’s the tyrant?

If I was the gun cult, I’d avoid any discussion of mental health.

Don Metivier


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