Deer crossing

To The Editor:

First, I am most grateful for the completion of Rakow Road because it really has helped with the flow of traffic in Crystal Lake.

Second, I am making an impassioned plea to please add “Deer Crossing” signs along the stretch of road between McHenry Avenue and Pyott Road. I have seen the “Share With Bicycles” signs, but there is no bike path (would have been a great addition), and I cannot imagine that very many people who would choose to ride their bike along Rakow Road.

However, I have seen numerous deer standing along the roadside presumably contemplating how to cross this new superhighway. I also have seen a deer that presumably was hit by a car and killed.

Please, add some “Deer Crossing” signs along that particular stretch of highway for the safety of motorists and the safety of deer!

Betty M. Andrysiak

Crystal Lake

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