Rotate your body to hit better bunker shots

Bunker shots are a fact of golf. Eventually, you're going to end up there.

Learning to play the bunker shot is key to consistently playing good golf.

To do that it's important to understand the basics: open the club face and slightly rotating my body away from the ball. But when it comes to the swing, it's crucial that you consistently strike the sand at the correct distance behind the ball.

A good way to learn to do this is to properly rotate your body.

Plant yourself in the bunk, slightly open your body and the club face. During your downswing, focus on rotating your body hard at the ball so that you can consistently find the bottom of your swing underneath the ball.

This will cause the sand and the ball to pop out of the bunker and on to the green.

Practicing proper body rotation is really important for playing good bunker shots. It will help you find the bottom closer to the ball, rather than too far behind it.

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