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Defies logic

To the Editor:

I just read Jeffrey Westhoff’s review of “Zero Dark Thirty” and feel compelled to comment.

Mr. Westhoff states that Kathryn Bigelow’s account of the search for Osama bin Laden has generated controversy for its depiction of torture and for the fact that the object was always to kill bin Laden rather than to capture him and put him on trial. He further states that there should have been no exception made to the premise that a person is innocent until proved guilty.

Really? He sees no reason to make an exception in this case? Thousands of innocent people were murdered at the hands of bin Laden and his cohorts, and he questions “whether the methods used to mete out that justice were worthy of America?” I am always fascinated by people who insist that the methods used to get to bin Laden were “unworthy” of America.  This murderer bragged about the attacks of 9/11 and arrogantly took full credit for them. I hardly think it was necessary to capture and try him. I’m pretty sure we knew he was guilty. 

This blame-America game is getting old. It defies logic to think that by “torturing” these terrorists, the U.S. didn’t obtain information that led to the killing of bin Laden. It’s too bad they had to spit up some water to pay for their crimes against America. I’ll bet if offered the alternative, most of those killed that day would much rather have been water-boarded. I haven’t heard of innocent people being water-boarded by America and I have yet to hear of anyone being killed by such “torture.”

Melanie Horn


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