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Retract political pensions

To the Editor:

On the front page of Jan. 14 Northwest Herald, I read that President Barack Obama warned the Republicans that older Americans might not receive their Social Security checks unless there was a deal made.

Well, Mr. President, here’s a deal you might consider: I suggest you retract all past and present politicians’ full pension and health care entitlements for those who have only contributed four years of service to our country.

As a taxpayer, I was forced to put as much as 15 percent of my income, for every year that I worked, into Social Security and Medicare so I would have sufficient funds when I retired. However, over more than the past 50 years, voting in every election, never once did I see a referendum on the ballot asking the American people if they felt all politicians should receive a full pension and health care the rest of their lives, after only a four-year term. It was simply taken, and now it’s time to give it back.

Why is it that all of Congress and their families are exempt from Obamacare and if American citizens refuse it, we will be fined? That tells me Obamacare must not be a very desirable plan since you don’t want it for yourselves, but it’s good enough for me.

When being sworn into a political position, all are to take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. According to the Constitution, no laws are to be passed concerning the people that do not apply to yourselves as well.

Terrence Connor



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