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Facts get lost

To the Editor:

There’s an old adage that says, “There are two sides to every story.” Over the past 30 years, America has entered a phase in which ideology trumps facts, and this can be seen in any number of issues. Daily, we are subjected to radio and TV pundits spitting out one-sided ideological talking points that frequently leave out important facts.

In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in which 20 innocent schoolchildren were massacred, a myth is being perpetrated that guns should not be regulated, and that had Adolf Hitler not confiscated guns from the German people, his dictatorship would have been overthrown by force. However, upon examination of the facts, that is untrue. Guns were not confiscated, and yet Hitler remained in power.

In 1919 as required by the Treaty of Versailles, strict gun control was enacted in Germany. However, in 1928, the German government enacted the “Law on Firearms and Ammunition,” which revoked the 1919 “Regulations on Weapons Ownership” law that banned guns. The 1938 “German Weapons Act” further relaxed gun control laws, but instead limited regulations to Jews, as Nazis didn’t view them as citizens.

Factually, the German people did have firearms and yet were unable to overthrow Hitler’s dictatorship despite those guns. When military force used during the 1944 Valkyrie plot failed, how exactly were office workers and bakers going to overthrow Hitler and the SS using guns?

Thirty years of ideology trumping facts has resulted in facts getting lost.

Anthony Bravos



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