Offense to freedom

To the Editor:

President John F. Kennedy was in Berlin in June 1963, and he mentioned that the wall was an offense to history and to humanity. But he also knew that wall would go down someday, so he reminded those there “to lift your eyes beyond the dangers of today to the hopes of tomorrow.” That their city, their country would be one and they would be remembered for being in the front lines for almost two decades.

Today, division in America is an offense to freedom and to humanity. To tear it down, we too must lift our eyes beyond the dangers of today to the hopes of tomorrow so that our children and their children can live in a united country. With all the tragedies of violence and hate that surround us, the only hope is us.

Not our political parties or leaders, nor our stance on issues, but where we stand together for
not only for the sake of freedom, but also peace.

And through them we stand for hope. As Kennedy believed we could get to the moon, I too, believe we can get to that hopeful place in America.

History is not perfect, and neither will we be, but the challenge of peace on earth, goodwill
toward men is to stand together and work toward the hopes of tomorrow.

Finally, it’s been said America is the place where freedom lives and liberty dwells. Well it’s true, it’s where the courage of men and women make it happen. God bless America.

Bob DeLacy Jr.


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