Did nothing

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to all firearms owners, with apologies to the Rev. Martin Niemöller.

When they came for the guns thousands of miles away, I did nothing. They were, after all, many states away, and they had voted themselves into their predicament.

When they came for the guns in a neighboring state, I did nothing. They were a blue state, and if members of that constituency felt differently, they should’ve moved.

When they came for the guns in Chicago, I did nothing. Surely they had learned from a failed 30-year ban. Besides, that oppressive sinkhole of liberalism deserves what it gets.

When they came for my neighbors’ guns, I did nothing. He doesn’t hunt, collect, or sport-shoot.

His guns are kept for the express purpose of taking a life.

When they came for my guns, my fellow gun owners had been registered, taxed and legislated to death. I stood alone because we did not stand united.

Adam Lewis

Island Lake

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