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No one solution

To the Editor:

Even as a believer of the Second Amendment, I have thought about this problem of firearm violence and recognize that there isn’t any one solution or answer that will solve the dilemma of tragedies such as Sandy Hook, Columbine or other homicides. It’s a combination of access, mental health, fraud and deception, no uniform laws or code regarding purchases of guns or ammunition, lack of enforcement of laws already on the books, and lack of a nationwide uniform background check of gun and ammunition purchasers that hamper our ability to keep firearms out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them!

Of course, we hear a great deal from the pro-gun lobbyists who site the Second Amendment and generate fear predicated on a potential government tyranny. But they don’t want to tell you that our republic has stood the test of time for more than 200 years without smashing in our doors and taking away our guns. We have endured in spite of ourselves. Yes, the FBI and the ATF have acted, but only when public safety was threatened!

Our situation is one that begs the question of what is best for the American people and what steps do we take for their benefit?

Sure, there will be some who may not like or even strongly oppose uniform background checks or closing the loopholes in gun show purchases or Internet transactions. But somewhere, we have to be as adamant about who buys or owns a firearm as we are about who drives a car or truck.

Donald Brown

Crystal Lake


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