Make McHenry better

To the Editor:

Why does McHenry need another gas station? Especially in an area that is not suitable for it. There would be five stations in a 1- to 2-mile stretch on Route 31.

Why can’t our city officials use some imagination and foresight and find users for the empty buildings that we have: for example Walmart, Sears, the auto dealerships that are empty. We could use Costco, Sam’s Club, Texas Roadhouse, which is a very family-oriented restaurant, Longhorn Steakhouse, definitely a CVS pharmacy, the closest of which is in Round Lake.  

Let’s get something going that will bring people into McHenry for shopping, food and some social interaction.

I don’t see people saying, “Yeah, let’s go to McHenry to buy gas!” Please, city officials, use your imagination to bring something in that would make McHenry stand out. It is a great city with great people. Let’s make it even better.

Walter Busse



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