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To the Editor:

I’ve found it’s not easy to write about a friend. You feel jaded. Now I realize it is easy when you remember you’re recommending a hardworking, do-the-job, on-the-job, state-recognized, award-winning professional assessor.

In our years of shared service, her integrity as assessor for McHenry Township is well known. Her service to the people of our area, with late-night consultations and taxpayer outreach for seniors and businesses, is well received. Recognized as fair and balanced, Carol Perschke has no bias for individual Realtors, banks or special-interest entities that would cloud assessments or benefit from her actions.

Carol is part of our community and a well-thought-of, elected member of our township organization.

Please vote April 9 for Carol Perschke, McHenry Township assessor.

Bruce Novak



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