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Wheeler takes aim at paid state commissions

State Rep. Barb Wheeler, R-Crystal Lake, issued the following news release:

SPRINGFIELD – While the Illinois House of Representatives took the week off in remembrance of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, State Rep. Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) stayed busy introducing two new pieces of legislation aimed at protecting businesses and taxpayers.

The first, House Bill 151,1 takes aim at Illinois board and commission salaries by capping them at $20,000 and removing health benefits should they meet less than 100 times a year.

“The number one goal of this bill is to end the political cronyism involved in these commission appointments,” said Wheeler.  “Historically, the governor has appointed the politically connected who were drawn to the large salary and health benefits.  This is not the appropriate motivation for people serving on these commissions.”

Wheeler notes that many of these commissions serve vital functions to our state, such as the Workers’ Compensation Review Board and the Advisory Council on Youth HIV/AIDS Prevention.  She is seeking to attract members who are motivated to do the work of the people.  Wheeler also believes this salary cap could save taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

“We have nearly 340 boards and commissions in Illinois, a vast amount that meet less than 100 a year that pay full salary and health benefits,” said Wheeler.  “We need to be looking for every single way we can cut back.  This bill could potentially save the taxpayers millions while attracting the type of person who wishes to work hard for the betterment of the people of Illinois.”

The second, House Bill 1510 would help struggling small businesses by removing a cap to their net loss carryover deduction thereby easing their tax burden.   Small businesses in Illinois are once again allowed to carry over their losses from year to year to be used in calculating their state taxes; however, that number is currently capped.  This legislation would remove that cap.

Wheeler is the newly elected State Representative of the 64th Legislative District comprised of portions of McHenry and Lake Counties, including municipalities such as Crystal Lake, McHenry, Spring Grove, Fox Lake, Antioch, and Lake Villa.


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