By DAVID SHARP - Associated Press

Prosecutor: Maine man knew of Zumba prostitution

ALFRED, Maine (AP) — A prosecutor says a Maine insurance agent accused of helping a Zumba dance instructor run a prostitution business was deeply involved and consulted with her via video link, text and email — especially on days when patrons visited.

But the defense told jurors that Mark Strong Sr. was guilty only of having an affair and of trying to help his lover's business, which he thought was legitimate.

Opening statements were delivered Wednesday after lengthy delays in the jury selection process.

Jury selection stalled for more than three weeks after prosecutors appealed the dismissal of 46 invasion-of-privacy counts against the married insurance businessman. Strong is standing trial on 13 other counts dealing with promotion of prostitution.

Strong and Zumba instructor Alexis Wright have pleaded not guilty. She'll be tried later.

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