Community service

To the Editor:

It is gratifying to hear Molly Walsh, who is experienced in all aspects of community service in McHenry County, is running for McHenry County College Board. Many of us know her service in protecting the environment and preserving our history (Historical Society).

Professionally (master’s degree), Molly was community coordinator at the college for 22 years. Molly worked with you and me to set up thousands of public meetings that have educated us on various issues. She has been the college link to the taxpayers who use the facility and services.

The first mandate of a board member of any association is fiscal responsibility to the taxpayer. Molly remembers the lack of accountability five years ago, which almost caused a taxpayers’ nightmare. The taxpayer, or the voter, wants the best education for our college students. This is possible without new construction. Vote Molly Walsh.

Rosemary Kurtz

Crystal Lake