Hebron Township candidate presents his platform

To the Editor:

My name is Paul “P.J.” Musgrave Jr. I am seeking your support because I’m running for the office of Hebron Township supervisor.

I believe in honesty, saying that I never thought much of politics. However, being concerned with the new township building and some of the personnel changes, I decided to get involved.

Some of the issues I see at hand are the lack of information readily available at the meetings, clear understanding on how the budget is from projected to actual and a few other issues.

I would assume that there are many more residents that are not happy as well. I would like Hebron Township to have a more transparent government, clear execution of policies, cut wasteful spending, provide up-to-date budget information, and have a balanced budget/audit.

It’s your choice. Vote on April 9.

Paul “P.J.” Musgrave Jr.

Hebron Township