Township service

To the Editor:

This letter is in support of John Adamson, Marengo Township highway commissioner.

Running for re-election on April 9, Mr. Adamson has served our township for 30 years, (12 years as our highway commissioner). Responsible for 72 lane miles, he has faithfully kept our roadways safe and in good repair in a frugal and responsible manner.

No pun intended, he has always been johnny-on-the-spot, whenever storms down trees on our roads, or when ice and snow threaten our safety.

In addition, Mr. Adamson is the man responsible for instituting the waste oil, paint and electronics recycling program here in our township, and unlike so many people in government, he makes himself available to his constituents.

He has my family’s support and has earned the respect and trust of everyone in Marengo Township. Let us support him with our votes on April 9.

Walter Krause