Vote for Mahady

To the Editor:

The McHenry Township assessor claims her opponent has no experience to be the assessor.

Here are the facts: Carol Perschke (current assessor) was appointed in 1995 and has never had an opponent (until now). Her “experience” for the position was that she was a township trustee, well-known to the good old boys who would be making the appointment.

Mary Mahady (challenger), on the other hand, has been involved in real estate for 25 years, served 13 years on the McHenry County Board of Review, and is working as a deputy assessor in Nunda Township.

Clearly, Mahady has far more experience than Perschke did when she fell into the job, but I guess that was OK because it was her. Amazing.

I will be voting for Mary Mahady for McHenry Township assessor.

Nicole Class