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A neat trick to improve hand-eye coordination

I talk to a lot of parents about their children's ability on the golf course. Parents want to know how their children can improve their skills, especially during the offseason.

One thing I suggest that they learn is bouncing the ball on the club face. What I tell them is: If all elite players can do this, and you want to be an elite player, then you need to learn how to do this.

It's more than just a neat trick. Bouncing the ball on the club face is just one way to improve hand-eye coordination, a key in hitting solid ball striking. What I like about this method is that it involves a club and a golf ball. You improve your hand-eye coordination and get a better feel for the equipment that you use.

To learn to be a better ball striker, learn to do this simple exercise. Hold the grip of the club at the bottom and angle the shaft so that the club face is flat -- flat enough to set a glass of water on.

Drop the ball and move your elbow up and down to bounce it.

It looks like we have a few weeks left before the weather is nice enough to get on the course consistently. Here's a simple way to get ready, even if you're stuck indoors.


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