Restore integrity

To the Editor:

As a broker of a McHenry real estate office, I’m appalled that the McHenry Township assessor has such contempt for Realtors.

My agents give their clients good evidence to help them appeal, only to be told by Carol Perschke that it’s not good enough. Clients leave Perschke’s office feeling confused and frustrated. They leave decieved, without knowing that appealing to the Board of Review is their right.

Mary Mahady knows that Realtors help taxpayers in this process and welcomes their participation. Realtor assistance may be the best and least costly method available.

Mary will never embarrass or belittle taxpayers for questioning their assessment. Mary will restore integrity to that office.

Taxpayers deserve honesty and respect. Vote for Mary Mahady on April 9.

Jayne Bockman