Uniquely qualified

To the Editor:

I am William S. Kaplan, mayor of the village of Riverwoods. I am also an active Realtor, but not related to Bruce Kaplan, mayoral candidate for Cary. There are a number of Realtors who are elected officials throughout the state and the nation. They range from trustees, mayors and state representatives to members of Congress.

Realtors make excellent elected officials because they are uniquely qualified and motivated to protect private property rights. When towns try to extract high or unreasonable permit fees or oppressive property transfer taxes, it is Realtors who speak out on behalf of the public and those hurt by those taxes.

Members of the National Association of Realtors are held to and abide by the highest code of ethics of any professional group. The residents of Cary would do well to have someone like Bruce Kaplan as village president, watching out for their best interests.

William S. Kaplan