Prep Zone Pop Quiz

What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last

six months?

“Les Miserables.”

I’m taking your order for your favorite lunch:

Where am I working and what can I get you?

Chipotle, and I’ll order a steak burrito.

What athlete at your school, former or current,

had a huge effect on you?

Nicole Schuh and Ashley Rosch. They taught me a lot about leadership and were great examples on and off the court for their leadership and work ethic. They gave a lot of good advice and have always been there for me.

What current song really annoys you?

“We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together,” by Taylor Swift.

What three people from any time in history

would you like to join for dinner?

Plato (I would love to get some advice from a famous philosopher), Abraham Lincoln (it would be cool to talk to him about what it was like living in his time in history) and Pocahontas (Native American history fascinates me, and she was a huge part in American history).

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