MCC needs Smith’s experience

To the Editor:

Mike Smith believes that McHenry County College should be the crown jewel of McHenry County.

MCC faculty and students are accomplishing amazing things every day. Enrollment has increased year over year more than any community college in Illinois, a strong indicator of success. Yet, as we approach the April 9 election for MCC Board of Trustees, very few people know about these successes.

Mike is an experienced business executive with extensive experience on nonprofit boards. He understands the role of board member has many dimensions. First and foremost, the board should set appropriate policies and provide responsible oversight of the college budget. Trustees have a responsibility to engage the public to determine the needs of all stakeholders, including students, faculty, employers and residents.

Mike Smith has the experience to provide the leadership we need. In the April 9 election for MCC trustee, Mike has my vote.

Tina R. Hill

Chairwoman, McHenry County Board