Girls Track and Field Team Preview Capsules

Abbreviations for field events are as follows: HJ-high jump, LJ-long jump, TJ-triple jump, PV-pole vault.

Fox Valley Conference

Fox Division


Coach: Mark Anderson (13th season)

Last year’s finish: FVC champion

Key returning athletes: Ketyra Taylor, sr. (throws); Anna Wcislo, sr. (throws); Olivia Roehri, so. (throws); Erika Sternard, jr. (jumps); Faith Furio, jr. (sprints, jumps); Delaney Perrone, so. (sprints); Maddie Lundin, sr. (distance); Gretchen Price, so. (distance); Sarah Englund, sr. (distance); Eva Burk, so. (hurdles); Megan Jacquier, sr. (hurdles); Emily Barnes, sr. (sprints); Talia Duzey, so. (distance); Natasha Geiger-Powell, jr. (distance); Joslyn Nicholson, sr. (jumps); Rachael Underwood, so. (jumps, PV)

Key new athletes: Morgan Schulz, so. (sprints); Lauren Schoepke, jr. (sprints); Nikki Freeman, fr. (throws); Nicole Robins, fr. (jumps, sprints); Allie Renner, fr. (sprints, jumps); Maggie Cherveny, fr. (sprints, jumps); Sabrina Mishall, fr. (jumps, PV); Sarah Riley, fr. (distance); Emma Kreutzmann, fr. (distance)

Worth noting: C-G won the McHenry County, FVC and sectional meets for four consecutive years. Some of the key performers have graduated, but Anderson always find numbers and quality.

Crystal Lake Central

Coach: Anthony DeStephano (first season)

Last year’s finish: Third in FVC

Key returning athletes: Sami Staples, so. (distance); Holly Dowell, so. (sprints); Claire Dalman, jr. (PV, jumps, sprints); Maddie Dagley, jr. (distance); Grace Roth, sr. (sprints); Celeste Madda, jr. (sprints)

Top new athletes: Carrie Johnson, fr. (sprints); Anna Landon, fr. (distance)

Worth noting: The Tigers have strong sprinters with Dowell joined again by Madda, who missed most of last season with a leg injury. Dagley had a strong cross country season and should help with the 800 and Staples will be one of the area’s best distance runners.

Crystal Lake South

Coach: Matt Dunker (fifth season)

Last year’s finish: Sixth in FVC

Key returning athletes: Laura Biederwolf, sr. (distance); Courtney Christin, sr. (PV); Jessica Stumpner, sr. (middle distance); Amber Francis, sr. (hurdles); Malgorzatra Waz, jr. (distance); Gaby De Jesus, so. (sprints, LJ) 

Key new athletes: Rachel Reimann, jr. (middle distance); Kiana Clark (sprints, throws); Natalie Boorom, so. (middle distance, hurdles); Brandie Minogue, fr. (sprints, middle distance); Cecilia John, fr. (sprints); Andie Kobrick, fr. (distance)

Worth noting: Dunker likes the senior leadership the Gators have to go with a young team. “We expect a lot of younger runners to get varsity experience this season,” he said.


Coach: Christine Hopkins-Muehl (first season)

Last year’s finish: 12th in FVC

Key returning athletes: Julia Parreno, sr. (hurdles, jumps); Natalie Himmel, sr. (distance); Maggie Grant, sr. (hurdles, PV); Claire Blume, sr. (jumps, PV); Emily Michalski, jr. (jumps, sprints); Kyra Flynn, jr. (sprints); Shelby Spliethoff, jr. (jumps, sprints); Nara Zolzaya, jr. (throws); Jazmine Askew, so. (sprints); Sofia Marquez, so. (hurdles, jumps); Mandy Mosher, so. (throws)

Key new athletes: Kayla Lawrence, fr., (sprints, hurdles); Brittney Reyes, fr. (sprints); Maggie Himmel, fr. (distance); Kiana Mays, so. (throws, jumps, hurdles); Carolyn Schneider, sr. (distance)

Worth noting: D-C has one of its largest teams ever with almost 80 girls out for the sport. Hopkins-Muehl hopes to find events where they can best contribute and set personal-best marks.


Coach: Patti Nihells (17th season)

Last year’s finish: Seventh in FVC

Key returning athletes: Ashley Fouch, sr. (sprints, HJ); Jennifer Dumoulin, sr. (throws, middle distance); Angela Wozniak, sr. (hurdles, TJ, jump); Virginia Cano, sr. (distances); Elizabeth Pagan, jr. (sprints, LJ); Caitlyn Graff, jr. (hurdles, sprints); Anna Baxter, jr. (throws); Haley Linder, jr. (distance); Natalia Sztuk Vel Sztukowski, so. (distance); Trish Dumoulin, so. (sprints, middle distance); Dallas Krueger, so. (HJ); Stacey Hamman, so. (hurdles, sprints); Anita Trzebunia, So (hurdles, sprints); Valerie Wozniak, so. (sprints); Rebecca Freund, so. (PV)

Key new athletes: Nikki Dumoulin, fr. (TJ, sprints); Jessica Flatland, fr. (PV, sprints); Elizabeth Evans, fr. (sprints); Abby Gering, fr. (LJ, TJ, sprints)

Worth noting: Hampshire has 55 athletes out for one of its biggest teams. Fouch was fourth in the Class 2A 400 meters last season and should be one of the area’s top sprinters.


Coach: Shawn Nordeen (16th season)

Last year’s finish: Second in FVC

Key returning athletes: Antonia Moore, sr. (sprints); Omo Tseumah, sr. (HJ, sprints); Amanda Zbilski, sr. (sprints); Taylor Schau, jr. (sprints); Tina Driscoll, jr. (sprints, TJ, LJ); Katlyn Leubke, sr. (hurdles); Macy Tramblay, so. (hurdles); Delaney Lyman, so. (PV); Ali Cazel, jr. (middle distance)

Key new athletes: Tess Miller, so. (sprints); Alyssa Bushman, fr. (sprints); Chloe Fashoda, fr. (LJ, TJ); Kate Mitchell, fr. (distance); Nicole Zielinski, fr. (sprints); Callie Ochotnicki, jr. (distance)

Worth noting: Cary-Grove has a string of four consecutive FVC championships, but the Red Raiders may have the talent to overtake the Trojans. They are loaded with strong sprinters and Tseumah (HJ) and Moore (400) won medals at the Class 3A state meet.


Coach: Ryan Lemanski (third season)

Last year’s finish: Fifth in FVC

Key returning athletes: Kayla Giuliano, jr. (sprints); Lauren Van Vlierbergen, so. (middle distance); Elizabeth Berry, jr. (middle distance); Tori Tamburinno, sr. (sprints, middle distance); Elizabeth Warner, jr. (sprints); Erin Jameson, jr. (jumps, sprints); Nikki Diana, sr. (throws); Brina Whittier, jr. (throws); Kira Whittier, so. (throws, prints); Taylor Bradford, so. (sprints, throws); Molly Barnes, so. (middle distance)

Key new athletes: Caliegh Walsh, fr. (sprints, jumps, hurdles); Sam Baran, sr. (distance)

Worth noting: Lemanski feels the Golden Eagles will have one of their most competitive teams in a while. Giuliano and Van Vlierbergen finished strong with personal-best performances in the Class 3A state meet. Jacobs should put together a tough 4x800 relay team and Sam Baran, one of the Eagles’ top cross country runners. NIkki Diana played softball last year, but also should give Jacobs a boost.


Coach: Tom Weaver (first season)

Last year’s finish: 13th in FVC

Key returning athletes: Michaela Kopystynsky, sr. (SP, discus); A.J. Conant, sr. (distance); Susan Schuldt, sr. (sprints, relays); Taylor Nimrick, sr. (jumps, hurdles)

Key new athletes: Jamie Bauer, jr. (sprints); Nikki Hennigan, so. (throws); Abbey Nimrick, so. (PV)

Worth noting: Weaver likes that the nucleus of his team is a large sophomore group, which should bode well for the future. He sees good leadership from the seniors returning and good potential from the others.


Coach: Kyle Owens (second season)

Last year’s finish: Eighth in FVC

Key returning athletes: Laura D’Angelo, sr. (sprints); Lauren Opatrny, so. (distance); Ashley Moore, jr. (hurdles, TJ); Carly Nicolay, sr. (throws); Taylor Szamlewski, sr. (throws)

Key new athletes: Lindsay Brenner, so. (middle distance, sprints); Savanah Howie, fr. (hurdles, LJ, PV); Rachel Irwin, fr. (HJ); Devon Marunde, fr. (sprints, J, HJ); Katie Purich, fr. (sprints, middle distance); Stephanie Wallace, so. (sprints); Mallory Wlasiuk, jr. (HJ, sprints)

Worth noting: This young squad has the potential to be competitive in the conference this year. With some strong senior leadership paving the way for the younger talent, this team might turn some heads this year.

Prairie Ridge

Coach: Cathy Grier (first season)

Key returning athletes: Taylor Loco co, sr. (sprints, jumps); Amanda Weber, sr. (sprints, jumps); Erin Wagner, jr. (distance); Alex Neckopolus, sr. (throws); Ashley Duda, jr. (distance)

Key new athletes: Marissa Coakley, fr. (sprints); Hannah Martin fr. (sprints); Maddy Smith, so. (HJ); Anna Lockwood, so. (multiple events)

Worth noting: Three other sophomores – Natalie Bruns, Katie Green and Rachel Pavin – could make an impact in multiple events. Grier thinks the numerous new team members will give the Wolves good depth at key positions.


Coach: Steve Erwin (29th season)

Last year’s finish: 11th in FVC

Key returning athletes: Maura Beattie, jr. (distance); Alli DeWane, jr. (discus); Kerstin Wolf, sr. (distance); Nora Brown, so. (LJ, hurdles); Cody Brand, jr. (hurdles); Lacey Heaver, jr. (distance)

Key new athletes: Grace Beattie, fr. (distance, hurdles); Hope Brainard (PV)

Worth noting: Maura Beattie had a strong season with a sixth-place finish in the Class 2A 1,600. Erwin says a larger team should help the Blue Streaks be more competitive in the FVC Fox, since the conference meet is split into divisional standings.

Woodstock North

Coach: Cas Creighton (first season)

Last year’s finish: 14th in FVC

Key returning athletes: Annie Jewasinski, jr. (sprints); Briana Baltes, so. (distance); Rachel Hammer, sr. (sprinter); Brittany Zieman, sr. (distance)

Key new athletes: Izzy Mazzanti, fr. (distance); Kailey Parlogean, sr. (sprints, jumps); Bella Biwer, fr. (sprints); Martha Everly, fr. (sprints, jumps)

Worth noting: Creighton coached for the past seven years at Marian and now takes over with the Thunder. North has doubled its number of girls from last season, which will help. Creighton calls Kalley Parlogean, a move-in from Texas, “an outstanding athlete,” and says freshman Martha Everly can do several events. The Thunder will try to set a lot of school records.

Big Northern Conference


Coach: Casey Seyller (eighth season)

Last year’s finish: Ninth in BNC

Top returning athletes: Sam Genz, jr. (hurdler, sprints); Mallory Haak, jr. (middle distance); Nicole Melson, jr. (throws); Morgan Logan, jr. (middle distance); Daphne Austin, so. (distance); Gail Bough, so. (PV); Javanaka Jacobs, so. (middle distance, jumps)

Key new athletes: Sophie Stricker, fr. (sprints, middle distance); Jordan Peterson, fr. (distance); Nicole Guitterez, fr. (sprints); Bianka Serrano, jr. (sprints, jumps); Jessica Hernandez, sr. (sprints)

Worth noting: Seyller likes that he has 33 girls out for the team, the most he’s had as head coach. There is good experience and some young talent coming up that will help. Seyller thinks the Hornets need to get better in the jumps to better compete in the big meets.


Coach: Brian Tveter (fifth season)

Last year’s finish: Third in BNC

Key returning athletes: Katie Adams, sr. (distance); Allie Sprague, jr. (distance); Megan Reddersdorf, sr. (sprints); Jordan Langan, sr. (hurdles, jumps); Maya Heien, so. (sprints); Irene Bolis (hurdles, sprints); Nikki Hammortree, jr. (sprints); Caitlyn Allen, so. (distance); Katie St. Clair, jr. (distance)

Key new athletes: Rachel Taugtes, so. (sprints); Taylor Conroy, fr. (distance)

Worth noting: Adams is shooting for the distance double (1,600, 3,200) in Class 2A. Sprague was fifth in the Class 2A 800. The Indians’ strong cross country team will help a lot this spring. They will miss Allison Rogutich, who was very good in the hurdles and triple jump.


Coach: Keith Forth (24th season)

Last year’s finish: Third in BNC

Key returning athletes: Skylar Bayer, sr. (distance); Shannon Lytle, jr. (distance); Roxanne Kelly, sr. (TJ, sprints); Alexis Nelson, so. (distance); Jordan Eisenberg, sr. (sprints)

Key new athletes: Miranda Halverson, fr. (sprints)

Worth noting: Although R-B dipped to Class 1A for cross country, the Rockets remain in Class 2A for track and field. They sent a large contingent for the Class 2A state last season and return five of those competitors (Bayer, Lytle, Kelly, Nelson and Eisenberg).

Suburban Christian


Marian Central

Coach: Jon Lakemacher (second season)

Last year’s finish: Seventh in SCC

Key returning athletes: Cat Meyn, so. (sprints, jumps); Hannah Hoffman, so. (sprints, jumps); Brooke Neuman, sr. (throws); Emma Baumert, so. (middle distance); Brie Baumert, jr. (middle distance); Caroline Hellman, jr. (distance)

Key newcomers: Abbie Beck, sr. (sprints); Amanda Morris, fr. (sprints); Rachel Guistino, fr. (sprints, jumps); Nina Tuman, so. (sprints)

Worth noting: Lakemacher hopes the increased number of athletes will help a lot, particularly with the freshman and sophomore classes. That, along with the upperclass leadership should help the Hurricanes improve.

– Joe Stevenson

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