No party line vote in Grafton

To the Editor:

I cannot believe it. Pam Fender won the Republican nomination for Grafton Township supervisor.

How could this a happen? Let’s review Grafton Township history. A few years ago, Dan Ziller and Linda Moore legally challenged and defeated former Grafton Township Supervisor John Rossi and its trustees’ attempt to issue $3 million in bonds to build a new Township Hall.

The new $3.5 million hall was against public opinion and would require increasing property taxes for debt-servicing. Thereafter, Moore ran for supervisor and defeated Rossi. Obviously the trustees would be very hostile to her, which was the case.

To aggravate the situation and diminish Moore’s authority, the trustees created a township administrator position and appointed Pam Fender, which directly resulted the expensive lawsuits.

Come April, do not vote along party line. A vote for Fender is a vote for dysfunctional government.

Joseph Greenwood

Lake in the Hills