Vote Hubbard in CL

To the Editor:

Five years ago, my husband and I moved to Crystal Lake.

We grew up in Lake County and looked for a community that was safe and had good schools, and we also wanted a downtown district on the train line. Crystal Lake offered this, and we were happy to call it home.

I am proud and honored to call Cameron Hubbard a friend. There are many reasons to vote for Cameron on April 9. For me, it’s simple. I look at my 16-month-old and think of all the hopes and dreams I have for him. Then I think about Cameron, a young and bright leader who is a product of this great city. He now wants to serve Crystal Lake and raise his family here.

He is committed to make Crystal Lake great for generations to come and to attract families like mine to call Crystal Lake home.

Erin McElroy

Crystal Lake