Renner serves with integrity

To the Editor:

Having served with Mike Renner on a ministry at our church, trained with him for running and biking events, and celebrated with him during many family events, I have witnessed a caring, trustworthy and driven individual.

A commitment from Mike means that he will put everything he has into getting the job done and will do so selflessly and with integrity.

Over the past 18 years, Mike has served faithfully on the Cary Park District Board as one of its commissioners with care and dedication. As the Cary Park District moves forward in its assessment of our community’s needs, planning and funding are key elements for a successful process. Mike has the experience and the character to effectively address the ongoing work of the Cary Park District.

Re-electing Mike Renner as commissioner would well position the board to continue to have a positive impact in our community.

Bob Buerer