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Forgotten Connecticut

To the Editor:

On March 20, I heard the ban on assault rifles and large clips of ammunition was being dropped from gun control legislation in the Senate for lack of support.

Really? The only reason which comes to mind is the total lack of courage on the part of our elected representatives and their fear of the National Rifle Association. Have we forgotten about all of those dead children in Connecticut already?

Some of the reasons are ridiculous. Supposedly, the government is going to send the Army out to come for your guns. If the Army is going to come for your guns, they can come with an M1A1 Abrams tank, which I believe trumps your AR-15.

And, really, if you can’t hit a target with 10 bullets, will 30 make any difference?

Then there is the so-called Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. It is perfectly within the power of the government to limit our rights when those rights threaten the majority. There is no issue with limiting the lethality of the arms that we bear.

If you fear for your life, then go and get a 12-gauge pump shotgun. There isn’t a criminal in the world who wouldn’t reconsider being in your home when he hears the sound of a shell being jacked into the chamber.

It also requires less accuracy and shouldn’t penetrate walls, which could have unintended consequences.

Nat Leighton

Crystal Lake


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