Square the putter to roll the ball 'down the lane'

I can't be more excited about the start of my junior golf camps.

One of the highlights of the camp for me is having some time to teach these kids how to improve their short game. The short game is the most important part of golf because a majority of shots take place on or around the green.

One mistake I see a lot -- especially from kids -- is failing to square the putter. On short putts, some beginners just step up to the ball and putt it, failing to notice they are not properly aligned.

This drill, which I call "Down the line," is designed to help people learn to square the putter face and roll the ball straight.

Using string I set up five lanes of different widths. The widest is two feet and the tightest is three inches. All but the 3-inch lane are 15 feet long; the 3-inch lane is 6 feet long.

Placing a ball in the middle of the lane, try to putt the ball from one end to the other without allowing the ball to touch the string.

If your putter face isn't square, you probably won't be able to do it. This is especially the case on the more challenging 6-inch and 3-inch lanes.

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